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(Mylyn 3.0 Manual Tests)
(Mylyn 3.0 Manual Tests)
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* Check non-models change sets mode
* Context change sets don't have labels
* Context change sets don't have labels
* Change sets don't always have a commit action
* Change sets don't always have a commit action

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This document contains the manual testing check-list. Use red to indicate failures.

Mylyn 3.0 Manual Tests


  • Marker view filtering on 3.3
  • Ensure task list elements don't show in the Project Explorer when in change sets mode and task is active
  • Ensure context tests can be created and work
  • Interest manipulation shortcuts in various perspectives
  • Perspective settings and new shortcuts for all SDK perspectives
  • Ensure change set refresh works due to change on bug 191793
  • Review non-modal attachment dialog bug 182965
  • Context import and export

Task List

  • Editor says it needs to be refreshed with incoming when editor is synched and has outgoing changes
  • Scheduling a subtask for next week should make subtask disappear
  • Ensure clean start/restart has no messages in log
  • Scheduled presentation showing empty days in focus mode
  • Test data directory move

Task Editor

  • Ensure new task has attributes if there is stale new task data
  • Adding new component, then refreshing attributes fails to make that component show, reopening editor fixes it
  • Ensure integrated bug reporting works
  • Clicking on a comment sets the editor selection to ITaskSelection resulting in a different popup menu
  • Attach context checkbox should not be on the editor when there is no context
  • New Task Editor is missing Add to Category and Scheduled Date
  • Refreshing a non-fully loaded editor does not restore the correct editor title


  • Parent attribute is displayed for new tasks
  • The task editor does not select a default resolution


  • Ensure that content assist has no duplicates with fresh workspace, and has focused entries on first task activation


  • Check non-models change sets mode
  • Context change sets don't have labels
  • Change sets don't always have a commit action

Install and P2

  • Clean install succeed without getting the Task List feature, but shouldn't?

Eclipse 3.3

  • Ensure Team packaging works


  • Landmark markers don't disappear when element is made less interesting

API Notes


  • Task Repository Participant
  • Context Saving Participant
  • Task list failed to load recovery (UI)
  • Repository Labels not restored after task list import


  • Eliminate ScheduledTaskContainers
  • Consume task due/schedule date change events
  • Listen to repository url change (register ITaskRepositoryListener)
  • Extract Interface



  • Ensure content assist works with clean workspace prior to restart


  • Ensure lazy loading of structure bridge

Execution Environments

  • Ensure launch works with JRockit


  • Help > Help Contents > Mylar > New and Noteworthy [ ensure updated to latest release]


  • Open Corresponding Task Action
    • Incoming change set classic mode
    • Incoming change set models mode
    • Outgoing change set classic mode
    • Outgoing change set models mode
    • History view element with old format (e.g. TasksUiPlugin comment before 2006-08)
    • History view element with new format (e.g. TasksUiPlugin comment after 2006-11)


  • Offline Reports
    • Ensure that when a bug report is opened offline that has no offline data the bug page reads: "Task data not available, please synchronize and reopen."
    • In the case of migration ensure that offline reports still open correctly (if not lost completely).
  • Seach > Task Search > Open Repository Task... , enter bad ID, Should result in invalid id error dialog
  • Repository Search (Search > Search... > Repository Search tab)
    • Repository search page
      • Ensure warning if no repository exists.
      • Cycle through available repository search pages ensuring that they populate with the last search performed on the respective repository
      • Ensure other repository types search pages appear when selected
    • Repository Search Results View
      • Test opening non-local report (Bug should open in bugzilla editor (blue bin icon)
      • Test opening report with local data. Bug should open in bugzilla editor (clipboard with blue bin overlay icon) and the Planning tab should be available
  • Bugzilla Task Editor (Rich editor)
    • When opening remote tasks (ie. from search results view) ensure that posting authenticates properly
    • Editor Hyperlinking - URL Hyperlinks, Bug hyperlinks (bug# 123, bug 12312, task# 1, task 12, duplicate bug links), stack trace links
    • Editor menu/commands - Cut/Copy/Paste/Select-all from menu and using shortcut keys (March 30, 2007) Cut & Copy from menu broken in Linux due to loss of focus on text
  • Bugzilla Query Wizard (Tasklist)
    • Create new query
    • Open query to see that parameters are still there
    • Field validation needs to be improved. "Only bugs change in..." is accepting characters without error
  • New Bug submission (valid credentials)
    • Test new bug submission for each Bugzilla server version
    • Update of Repository Configuration
      • Test from TaskRepositoriesView context menu
      • Test from BugzillaProductPage
      • A dialog should be produced in either case when an io or login exceptions occur.
    • Configuration caching
      • Run new bug wizard, update products...
      • Restart eclipse, rerun wizard, products should appear immediately
  • New Bug submission (invalid credentials)
    • Remove username and password from a repository configuration in the Task Repositories view
    • Initiate new repository task action
    • Select repository with missing credentials
    • Upon submitting new bug editor user is presented with credentials error dialog
  • New Bug submission (invalid password)
    • Make repository password invalid in Task Repositories view.
    • Initiate new repository task action.
    • Select repository with invalid password
    • Error Dialog presented on product update or selection of Next: The user name or password you entered is not valid... Update Products with invalid password results in ugly error dialog
  • Submission of changes to a Bugzilla report should result in all parent queries being re-synchronized as well as the task itself being synchronized
  • Ensure submission of comment doesn't remove any depends on / blocks bugs
  • Submission of changes to existing bug with invalid repository credentials
    • Repository Settings page presented
  • Bug Compare (ensure attribute compare works) (July 31, 2006 [0.6.1] - Compare button removed)
  • Synchronize from context menu (invalid userid and password)
    • Report Download Failed Dialog: Ensure proper repository configuration in Task Repositories view.
  • Synchronizing while disconnected should not put errors in the eclipse log
  • Task Synchronization State
    • Open, modify, save, should have outgoing decorator
      • Case clear outgoing: confirmation dialog should pop up
        • Case confirm: outgoing decorator should go away
        • Case deny: outgoing decorator should remain
      • Case open: should retain outgoing overlay
      • Case edit and save again: outgoing overlay remains (should not receive conflict warning)
      • Case submit: outgoing overlay should disappear (should be no incoming upon synchronize)
    • Task in CONFLICT state
      • Case open: remains with conflict decorator
      • Case synchronize: should get option to override local changes
        • Case overriding: overlay and changes go away
        • Case no override: changes remain, conflict decorator appears
      • Case edit: Currently state switches to OUTGOING which is correct for now because we migrate their comment into the new report
    • Query hits not yet downloaded
      • Case open: report downloaded (task icon appears), no decoration
      • Case synchronize: report downloaded (task icon appears)
    • Open report in external editor and add a comment.
      • Case synchronize: incoming decoration should appear on task
        • Case open: task opens with new content, no decoration
        • Case open (bug editor already open): User presented with dialog asking if they want to reopen with latest version
        • Case Background Synchronization incoming state remains
      • Case open: task opens with offline content, user asked if they want to refresh with incoming content.
    • Open, modify, save, should have outgoing decorator, open report in external browser, add comment
      • Case open: Outgoing decorator remains
      • Case Submit: Mid air collision...synchronize via menu
        • Case Synchronize from editor: New incoming is updated, outgoing changes tagged with *
      • Case synchronize: should get option to override local changes
        • If overriding, overlay and changes go away
        • If no override, get conflict icon to show
    • Copy report to a local category, repeat above tests ensuring decoration always
    • Copy report to root category, repeat tests ensuring decoration always matches
  • Check that auto background synchronize works
  • Ensure that new hits (i.e. reports created using web ui) appear in query after auto sync
  • Ensure that incoming on existing tasks appears after auto synchronization
  • If editor open and task gets incoming, dialog should be presented asking if user wants to refresh and reopen. [2.0M3] Getting double notification upon synch
  • Check that if changes are made to the notes field of the Planning editor that save still works (editor doesn't remain dirty).
  • Ensure that when offline reports file is deleted, tasks don't suddenly all have incoming status upon synchronizing
  • Reports > Outline View
    • Clicking on comments in outline view should cause editor to scroll to respective comment in the editor page.
  • DnD Attachments: Ensure all of the following launch the new attachment wizard with the appropriate file specified.
    • Drag a file from the workspace to the attachments section or new comment box.
    • Drag a file from a different application (or desktop) onto the attachments section or new comment box.
    • Drag a region of text from any application (eg. a web browser) onto the attachments section or new comment box.
  • Opening a repository task that has no repository should display warning indicating that the repository must be created.

Task List

  • Ensure that when an unread task with a context is activated, the prompt to retrieve the context appears
  • Ensure creating a new query either via task list popup or File > New doesn't result in exception when there are no remote repositories set up
  • test proxy support using new platform proxy settings 177320
  • test auto construction of repositories from clean workspace 174864
  • Do a manual refactoring test (change name/url of existing repository) of tasks
  • File -> Export -> Mylar Task Data
  • File -> Import -> Mylar Task Data Importing can cause decoration widget disposed errors 2.0M3
    • Test importing with task in active state
  • Data directory change (via Mylar preferences page)
    • Ensure all data is migrated including context and backup folders and contained data
    • Ensure that if 'load' is selected that the target folder is loaded and not overwritten
  • Make a task, make it active, move it to the archive (remove from root category) - file should remain visible in task list [2.0M3 if removed doesn't show immediately in archive, does show properly in archive after restart]
  • Task List Auto-Archive
  • Addition and removal of files from change sets
  • Mylar context sensitive JUnit unit tests
  • Ensure internal browser tab can be disabled (via Mylar preferences)
  • Drag and Drop
    • From category to category: move
    • From query to category: copies
    • Task to external text: copies details
    • Task to external explorer: copies context file (July 31, 2006 [0.6.1] - if context doesn't exist need to disable drop)
    • (March 30, 2007) On Linux under 3.2, dragging to external text attempts to open context, dragging to external explorer copies details
  • Lazy loading
    • Startup with Task List in fast view mode with a task active, ensure no errors in log
  • Delete category that contains a task scheduled for today, task should be revealed in Archive (immediately, not after restart/refresh/etc). [2.0M3 related to archive error above]
  • Test clean install with task list only installed then with only one connector installed. Ensure adding task repository doesn't cause errors.
  • ensure tasklist colors and decoration are correct for due dates (past due, due today, due this week)


  • Query (Trac 0.9)
    • Add query for
    • -> Repository attributes are displayed in query dialog
    • Select "0.10" for version
    • Finish
    • -> Tickets are marked as incoming
    • -> Notifications popup
    • Open ticket
    • -> Ticket is opened in browser pane
    • -> Ticket is marked as synchronized
  • Search
    • Open search
    • Select
    • -> progress bar is shown while attributes are updated
    • -> attributes are displayed
    • Select
    • Search for "ticket" in summary on
    • Double click search result
    • -> Browser is opened
    • Open another search result through context menu
    • -> Browser is opened
  • Query and offline handler (XML-RPC)
    • Add query for all tickets in "component1" for
    • -> All tickets are marked as incoming
    • Edit ticket summary of any ticket in web browser and submit
    • Synchronize query
    • -> Only edited ticket is synchronized and marked as incoming
    • Reopen query
    • -> "component1" is selected
  • Create Ticket in Rich Editor (XML-RPC)
    • Select New > Repository Task for
    • Enter summary and description
    • Select Add to Task Category: root
    • Press Create New
    • -> New Ticket is added to task list
    • Open ticket
    • -> summary and description are correct
  • Edit Ticket with Rich Editor (XML-RPC)
    • Open any ticket from query
    • Edit summary and save
    • -> Ticket is marked as outgoing
    • Edit ticket summary in web browser and submit
    • Synchronize ticket in task list
    • -> Task is marked as conflicting
  • Context attachments (XML-RPC)
    • Activate ticket
    • Create new Java project
    • Open Java file
    • Attach context on active task
    • Retrieve context
    • -> Context is displayed in wizard
    • -> Context is loaded

SDK Integration

  • Problems view
  • Debug view
  • Eclipse native tasks view
  • History view -> context menu -> Open Corresponding Task


  • Run JUnit context test without interesting tests: should get message
  • Run JUnit contexts test with interesting tests, should run
  • Do above for PDE JUnit tests
  • Ensure code folding works properly
  • Ensure there aren't duplicates in content assist (i.e. upon first installation)



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