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Mylyn/Incubator/Generic Industrial Connector/Configuring Industrial Connector using Nothing

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This page describes how you can implement a Mylyn connector in 5 minutes using your computers memory as the persistance medium.

Step 1: Get the Source

Point your favorit SVN client towards


and get all the projects.

Step 2: Create a Fragment Project

Create a fragment project for your connector with the org.eclipse.mylyn.industrial.core project as the host.

Step 3: Create a connector.xml

This is going to be moved to the extension point mechanism in a very near future version. For now, create a connector.xml file in the root of your project with the following contents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- /******************************************************************************* * Copyright (c) 2008 Industrial TSI and Maarten Meijer. * All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials * are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 * which accompanies this distribution, and is available at * * * Contributors: * Industrial TSI - initial API and implementation * *******************************************************************************/ * Author: Ahmed Aadel --> <connector xmlns="ptth://"> <repository name="Memory"> <persistor name="Memory"> <class>org.eclipse.mylyn.industrial.demo.memory.MemoryPersistor</class> </persistor> <repository-properties> <!-- You can enable some repository functions. You may be willing to configure only what you need and let the rest to their default value, which is false.(means disabled)--> <property name="can-create-new-task" value="true" /> <property name="can-create-task-from-key" value="true" /> <property name="can-query-repository" value="true" /> <property name="can-synchronize-tasks" value="true" /> <property name="can-get-attachments" value="true" /> <property name="can-post-attachments" value="true" /> </repository-properties> <task> <!-- You can disable a task attribute shown on the editor by setting its read-only value to true. You may be willing to configure only what you need and let the rest to their default value, which is false. --> <task-attributes> <!-- <attribute id="task.common.summary" readonly="true" /> <attribute id="task.common.product" readonly="true" /> <attribute id="task.common.status" readonly="true" /> <attribute id="task.common.user.assigned" readonly="true" /> <attribute id="" readonly="true" /> <attribute id="" readonly="true" /> <attribute id="" readonly="true" /> <attribute id="task.common.priority" readonly="true"/> <attribute id="task.common.description" readonly="true" /> <attribute id="task.common.reporter" readonly="true" /> --> </task-attributes> </task> </repository> </connector>

Step 3: Implement IPersistor

Make an extension to org.eclipse.mylyn.industrial.core.persistor and open the class that you have typed in there. Now implement the following class:

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