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Mylyn/Hudson Integration for Mylyn

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This page tracks the status of the GSOC project "Hudson integration for Mylyn".
Student: Markus Knittig
Mentor: Steffen Pingel


The goal of this projects is to integrate Hudson with Mylyn. It will be part of Mylyn/Build after the restructuring of Mylyn. It should provided the following features:

  • Monitoring build statuses in Eclipse
  • Viewing build details in Eclipse
  • Running a build from within Eclipse
  • Viewing test results in Eclipse
  • Viewing a build log in Eclipse
  • Adding a task from a failed build in Eclipse


Package structure

The project namespace will be org.eclipse.mylyn.hudson. The namespace for common build infrastructure will be org.eclipse.mylyn.builds.

Remote API

The project will consume the Hudson API via REST/XML with JAXB as marshaller (using the provided xml schemas).

Common Builds API

The common builds API should consist of at least the following components:


Milestone Date Planned  items
M1 May 9, 2010 A Research on the Hudson CI Server, Hudson Remote API and API access.
M2 May 23, 2010 Set up basic mylyn connector infrastructure. Integrated basic functions of the Hudson API.
M3 June 20, 2010 Implementing features to monitor the build status in Eclipse and basic detail view as well as running a build from within Eclipse
M4 July 4, 2010 Polish detail view (view console output and changed files).
M5 July 25, 2010 Add function for build tagging, adding a build description and build deletion. View JUnit tests from a build. Add a new task based on a failed build.
M6 August 8, 2010 Possible improve Mylyn/Build by providing code for common functionality.
M7 August 14, 2010 Completing Documentation.

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