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== Deliverables  ==
#A complete set of tools to access the Hudson Continuous Integration server from the Eclipse IDE via Mylyn with interoperability with other vendors and different hardware platforms.
#A Proper documentation guide for users and the developers.
== Schedule  ==
== Schedule  ==

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Hudson Integration for Mylyn

This page contains the project proposal created by [Harshana Martin] for the idea of "Hudson Integration for Mylyn" from the [GSoc 2010 idea list]. I am extreamly happy to have comments from the viewers.


Milestone Date Planned  items
M1 May 3, 2010 Research on the Hudson CI Server, Hudson Remote API and API access, OSLC-Automation API and it's RESTful service APIs.
M2 May 24, 2010 Research on the Mylyn codebase, code conventions, jFace and other UI components.
M3 June 14, 2010 Implementing the client application for Hudson's remote API & Testing.
M4 June 30, 2010 Implementation of OSLC-Automation RESTful service APIs & Testing.
M5 July 19, 2010 Integration of Hudson Remote API implementation and OSLC-Automation RESTful service API implementation & Testing.
M6 july 26, 2010 Implement the Basic UIs for the above mentioned features.
M7 August 2, 2010 Integration of UI with the client application which implements the Hudson's Remote API & Testing.
M8 August 10, 2010 Integrating of Hudson integration with Mylyn project with the Mylyn project & Testing.
M9 August 14, 2010 Completing Documentation.


  1. Providing Interoperability among different vendors and hardware platforms.


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