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Integrators: if your tool builds on or integrates Mylar please add it by editing this page. Order is alphabetical.


CodeGear JBuilder 2007

JBuilder 2007 bundles Mylar and includes a task repository connector for XPlanner. For more information see the video documentation.

License: Commercial

Task Repositories

CodeBeamer Mylar Connector

CodeBeamer from Intland Software, GmbH is a highly scalable collaborative software development platform used by sites such as The CodeBeamer connector for Mylar gives you an access to bug/issue trackers in a project hosted at (or any other hosting site powered by CodeBeamer). You can create bugs/issues in Eclipse, you can associate Mylar task context with the issues, you can query or search all trackers in your CodeBeamer managed project.

License: tbd (free)

Update sites:

  • Eclipse 3.2:
  • Eclipse 3.3:

Mantis Mylar Connector

This project is an eclipse Mylar Repository plug-in for the Mantis Bug Tracking application using the Mantis Connect SOAP interface. This Repository Connector is alpha quality. Patches to improve the functionality would be appreciated -- see contributing on the connector home page to get started.

License: EPL

Track+ Mylar Connector

Track+ is a project tracking system that help transparency, tracking, meeting efficiency and supports supports the RACI method.

License: GPL

Update sites:

Structure Bridges

Dynamic Languages via Eclipse DLTK

The Eclipse DLTK project provides structure bridges that support Mylar's context model for languages such as Tcl, Ruby, Python and JavaScript. For more information see the Xored video documentation.

License: EPL

Update site: to come

Version Control

Subversive Integration

Subversive is a Subversion client for Eclipse. See Polarion's Mylar Integration Quick Start

License: EPL

Update site:

Subclipse Integration

Subclipse is a Subversion client for Eclipse. Supported features: automatic Change Set management (see Mylar FAQ Team Support), automatic commit messages, Open Corresponding Task action to open Mylar's task editor from the Change Set in Synchronize view and from entries in History view.

License: EPL

Update site:

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