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Currently the EPUB supporting UI only allows for one single file to be assembled into an EPUB. The only other option is to write a rather extensive Ant task. While this is useful when doing headless builds - an EPUB editor could be very useful when wanting to assemble the more complex publications.

The basic idea is to introduce a new file type; .epubspec which contains the EPUB specification. It should be possible to open this file into an editor especially designed to handle it.

Editor features

Epub-editor page1.png

  • Multipage form based editor.
  • Overview
  • Spine
    • An editable list of all pages that are in the reading order.
  • Manifest
    • An editable list of all items.
  • Conversion (wiki markup conversion options).

General features

  • When an EPUB specification is added to a project, the project's build specification should be updated to include a builder for this file type.
  • The builder shall locate all .epubspec files found in the project and build the associated EPUB file when executed.
  • It should be possible to convert .epubspec files to Ant scripts

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