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* Support for multiple root files ({{bug|358667}}).
* Support for multiple root files ({{bug|358667}}).
* Support for fallback items ({{bug|358671}}).
* Support for fallback items ({{bug|358671}}).
* Properly document and expose the [/Mylyn/Docs/EPUB/API API].
* Properly document and expose the [[Mylyn/Docs/EPUB/API | API]].

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The EPUB framework in Mylyn Docs offers API to create, manipulate, read and write EPUB formatted files. There is also a UI operation for building publications from markup. WikiText markup in all supported formats (Textile, MediaWiki, Creole, Confluence etc.) can be converted to XHTML and packaged as EPUB using a one step wizard found in the file popup menu. If more control and flexibility is required when assembling EPUBs, there is in addition an Ant task that may be used to this end.

The EPUB support can currently only be found in the nightly builds repository at http://download.eclipse.org/mylyn/snapshots/nightly/docs/ and can be installed from that location using the Eclipse install manager. The source code is in the Mylyn Docs Git repository at http://git.eclipse.org/c/mylyn/org.eclipse.mylyn.docs.git/


  • Support for the EPUB 2.0.1 specification.
  • Wizard for converting a single markup file to an EPUB.
  • Ant task for assembling an EPUB.
  • API for manipulating an EPUB.
  • Read and write EPUB files.

Planned features

  • Improved wizard for converting markup to EPUB.
    • Add more than one file to the EPUB.
    • Store settings when done and repopulate fields when starting the wizard again (bug 363864).
    • Generate Ant task from wizard
  • Support for the EPUB 3.0 specification
  • Support for multiple root files (bug 358667).
  • Support for fallback items (bug 358671).
  • Properly document and expose the API.