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Mylyn/Contribution Ideas

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Feel free to add your idea or elaborate on an existing one. This listing is intended for prospective contributors, Google Summer of Code students, and others interesting in becoming part of the Mylar developer community.



  • Wiki integration (existing plug-ins: wikipedia, confluence): structure, rich editing (wysiwyg, render comments), use status whiteboard for a base wiki URL


Structure bridges connect Mylar's task context model and task-focused UI to domain-specific tools and artifacts. Note that some bridge implementations fall out of the scope of the Mylar project itself and should reside in the projects that they integrate with. For documentation see: Context API

 * Address book & identity management (buddy list bug)
 * Duplicate detection
 * Statistics reporting for Mylar Monitor



Many bug reports request improvements for Mylar's support of development workflows. An example is to trigger a commit when a bug is closed.

Goals for the project:

  • Make necessary changes to the Mylar API to support integration across all connectors
  • Implement a user interface for customizations of workflows

Workflow Bugs