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The Mylyn (Application Lifecycle Tools) Top-Level Project is an open source collaborative software development project dedicated to providing an extensible, standards-based platform to address a broad range of needs in the application lifecycle management space using the Eclipse platform.


The mission of the Mylyn project are to provide:

  1. Eclipse frameworks and APIs for ALM tools and the task-focused interface.
  2. Exemplary tools for task-focused programming within the Eclipse IDE.
  3. Reference implementations for open source ALM tools and open standards used by the Eclipse community.

This document describes the composition and organization of the project, roles and responsibilities of the participants, and development process for the project.


Mylyn is the task and application lifecycle management (ALM) framework for Eclipse. It provides:

  • A task management tool for developers
  • A broad ecosystem of Agile and ALM integrations
  • The revolutionary task-focused interface

Project Management Committee

The Projects under this Charter are managed by a group known as the Project Management Committee (the "PMC"). The PMC's duties are described in "4.6 Leaders" of the Eclipse Development Process.

The work of the PMC is shared by the PMC members. All PMC members are expected to contribute actively. In particular, PMC members are expected to take responsibility for overseeing certain areas of work in the Project, and reporting to the PMC on these areas. Because of the diversity amongst individual projects, PMC members are not expected to maintain anything other than general currency with projects outside their assigned technical areas.

Active participation in the user newsgroups and the appropriate developer mailing lists is a responsibility of all PMC members, and is critical to the success of the Project. PMC members are required to monitor the main Project mailing list, and the developer mailing lists for all Projects and components they are overseeing.

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