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Mylyn/Bugzilla Connector

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Bugzilla Server Optimization

  • Cached Repository Configuration - This page describs the solution taken by Eclipse.org webmasters to reduce the bandwidth requirements due to Mylyn clients updating their repository configuration.

GZIP encoding and content negotiation

The Mylyn Bugzilla Connector has been modified to accept gzip encoding on all requests, and will do content negotiation. See bug 205708.

Preventing excessive logfile fill up

  • When running /bugzilla/ locally, one can prevent Mylyn filling up the log files by adding this to httpd.conf:

<DirectoryMatch /bugzilla/ >
    BrowserMatchNoCase mylyn mylyn=1
CustomLog "/private/var/log/httpd/access_log" combined env=!mylyn


Developer Resources

Mylyn Offline Refactoring