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== Related Links ==
== Related Links ==
[ Mylyn Restructuring]
[ Mylyn Contributor Reference]
[ MyLyn User Guide]
[ Tasktop]

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This is the wiki page for the GSOC2012 project Activity Tracing for Mylyn.

Student: Timur Achmetow
Mentor: Steffen Pingel
Bug ID: BUG 376233


The Mylyn task editor is the hub for task-focused collaboration. Yet, there are many other artifacts and activities that are part of the development workflow that are visualized in different views in the IDE. A unified activity view that aggregates tasks, builds, reviews and commits either in a dashboard or embedded in the task editor would nicely enhance traceability and visibility.

This additional data could show for example in the task editor or in a dashboard (new view). The new view helps the user to trace the selected tasks. One use case for this view could be, show the files, which are changed with the last commit. So the user have later the possibility to see, which files with this task are changed. Similar use cases are the build and review traces, who the user want see, if the selected task have an association with the build server task or a finished review task. So can die developer see, which changes have broken the build. With these additional data the task editor gets more connection to other developer tools.


Implementation steps:

  1. Show the commit informations in a TableViewer, which is embedded in the task editor.
  2. Extend the Tableviewer for the additional build and review data. The TableViewer displays now all needed data.
  3. Embed the additional data in the comment stream (task editor).
  4. Optional: Dashboard, which aggregates data about several tasks.





  • M1 / May 01: Studying the documentation and existing code and prepare toolchain
  • M2 / May, 20: Create a design and mockup
  • M3 / July, 15: Mid term: Show commit information in task editor
  • M4 / July, 30: Show builds and code reviews in the task editor
  • M5 / August, 13: Embed activity data in the comment stream
  • M6 / August, 20: Pencils down: Documentation complete

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