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==== Planning====
==== Planning====
* [[Mylyn/Meetings | Meetings]]
* [[Mylyn/Meetings | Meetings]]
* [[Mylyn/3.0 Plan]], <s>[[Mylyn/2.0 Plan | 2.0 Plan]]</s>
* [[Mylyn/3.0 Plan | 3.0 Plan]], <s>[[Mylyn/2.0 Plan | 2.0 Plan]]</s>
==== Developer Reference ====
==== Developer Reference ====

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Mylyn Development

See also: Mylyn Homepage, FAQ, User Guide, Dev Mailing List, ViewVC, ViewVC for Mylyn Web, API Central, Visual Design


Developer Reference




Mentors are the go-to person for guiding and reviewing frequent contributors' patches.

  • Mik Kersten: Robert Elves, Steffen Pingel, Eugene Kuleshov, Shawn Minto, Willian Mitsuda
  • Robert Elves: Frank Becker, Shawn Minto
  • Steffen Pingel: Maarten Meijer, Helen Bershadskaya

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