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(Task List Tips)
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== Task List Tips ==
* If you wish to discard outgoing changes on a task (ie. in case of mid-air collisions), use the synchronize (F5) option in the tasklist popup menu. This will retrieve the latest data from the repository and will present a dialog indicating that your local changes will be overwritten (you may opt to keep your new comment if desired).
* The Task List can be restored from history via it's view menu -> ''Restore Tasks from History...''
== Source Repositories ==
* When checking out a new project, deactivate the active task.  Otherwise all newly created files will become interesting.
== View Shortcuts ==
* <code>Alt+click</code> or <code>Alt+RightArrow</code>: show all children of an element in a focused view, then click to select.  Hold down alt to keep drilling in, click on whitespace in view to show all root elements.  Also see [ configuration on Linux].
== Keyboard Shortcuts ==
Task List view
* <code>Ctrl+F</code>: find
* <code>Insert</code>: new personal task
* <code>Delete</code>: delete selected
* <code>F5</code>: synchronize
* <code>Ctrl+F9</code>: activate task dialog
* <code>Ctrl+Shift+F9</code>: deactivate task
* <code>Ctrl+F12</code>: open task dialog
* <code>Ctrl+Shift+F12</code>: open repository task dialog
Context manipulation
* <code>Ctrl+Shift+Up</code>: mark as landmark
* <code>Ctrl+Shift+Down</code>: mark less interesting
Drag and drop
* Dragging URLs to ''Task List'': in Mozilla/Firefox just drag, in Internet Explorer <code>Ctrl+drag</code>
Useful Eclipse shortcuts
* <code>Alt+Shift+Q, K</code>: show ''Task List'' view
* <code>Ctrl+F10</code>: invoke view menu or ruler menu in editor (e.g. to toggle ''Collapse All'' in ''Task List'')

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