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Mylar Integrators

Please add your plug-in or application if it builds on or bundles Mylar. Add a 1-3 sentence description of the tool, a link, and optionally a small screenshot

CodeBeamer connector for Mylar

CodeBeamer connector for Mylar 1.01 is now available ( CodeBeamer from Intland Software, GmbH is a highly scalable collaborative software development platform. You can see CodeBeamer in action at, scalable project hosting website for open source Java projects. JavaForge provides all project management needs including basic web hosting, source code repositories, bug trackers, forums, wikis, and document repositories. CodeBeamer connector for Mylar gives you an access to bug/issue trackers in a project hosted at (or any other hosting site powered by CodeBeamer). You can create bugs/issues in Eclipse, you can associate Mylar task context with the issues, you can query or search all trackers in your CodeBeamer managed project.

The update sites are at:

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