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= Contributing =
'''I tried to download the source following the directions given on the [[Mylar Contributor Reference]], and Eclipse says that there are errors.  What do I do?'''
There are several possible things wrong:
# You don't have the latest milestone of Eclipse; download the latest stable version from [ the "all downloads" page].  Note that the downloads page that is easiest to find will show you the ''latest releases'', not the ''latest milestones''.
# You don't have JRE 1.5 associated with this workspace.  Go to ''Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Installed JREs -> Execution Environments'' and make sure that the 1.5 checkbox is checked.
# You don't have Jira installed, but do have the org.eclipse.mylar.tests installed.  That is a separate download.  See [[Mylar_Contributor_Reference#Workspace_setup]].
# You have Jira installed but don't have Subclipse installed.  See [[Mylar_Contributor_Reference#Workspace_setup]].
= Key Limitations =
= Key Limitations =

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Key Limitations

What limitations does Mylar have?

Older versions of Eclipse

Why doesn't the Package Explorer show hierarchy?

This should only be a problem with Eclipse 3.1. The Hierarchical layout is not supported in the Package Explorer. In the Package Explorer menu, select Layout -> Flat.

When I click on a .java file, the right editor doesn't open! What do I do?

This sometimes happens when using Eclipse 3.1. Reset the Java editor to be default for ".java" again via: Preferences -> General -> Editors -> File Associations. Upgrading to 3.2 will also eliminate the problem.

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