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Modeling Project Releng/Website Maintenance

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Homepage Copy

Component owners can edit their own website copy if they are members of the group modeling-home. If they're not they can open a bug, cc: their PMC for approval, and request access from the webmaster.

To edit website copy, check out the web content module from /cvsroot/org.eclipse:


Then look at these files:

project-info/project-page-paragraph.html (short blurb)
project-info/overview.html (detailed page)

As to what content can be put on the site, look at other Modeling project components for examples:

Note that there's at least a 30-second lag before content appears after committing new files or changes.

Build UI

As above, content lives in /cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/modeling/emft/projectName. See:


Site Navigation

So that your component is properly listed and will appear on the homepage, downloads, release notes, be sure to edit your parent project's _projectCommon.php file, eg. /cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/modeling/emft/_projectCommon.php.

Be sure you add yourself to these arrays, as appropriate:

$projects = array( ... );
$cvscoms = array( ... );
$nodownloads = array(); //components with no downloads available yet
$nonewsgroup = array(); //components without newsgroup
$nomailinglist = array(); //components without mailinglist
$incubating = array( ... ); // incubating components (everyone starts here)

Previewing / Testing

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