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As above, content lives in <code>/cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/modeling/emft/'''projectName'''</code>. See:
As above, content lives in <code>/cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/modeling/emft/'''projectName'''</code>. See:
  build/_common.php ''(contains shared properties)''
build/index.php ''(to run a build)''
build/promo.php ''(to promote a build)''
=== Adding new dependencies ===
=== Adding new dependencies ===

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Homepage Copy

Component owners can edit their own website copy if they are members of the group modeling-home. If they're not they can open a bug, cc: their PMC for approval, and request access from the webmaster.

To edit website copy, check out the web content module from /cvsroot/org.eclipse:


Then look at these files:

project-info/project-page-paragraph.html (short blurb)
project-info/overview.html (detailed page)

As to what content can be put on the site, look at other Modeling project components for examples:

Note that there's at least a 30-second lag before content appears after committing new files or changes.

Build UI

As above, content lives in /cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/modeling/emft/projectName. See:

build/_common.php (contains shared properties)
build/index.php (to run a build)
build/promo.php (to promote a build)

Adding new dependencies

  • If your build depends on a newer version of a component that is listed, just add the URL in the empty box below the list of already-defined URLs, and your build will use that new one. You can add several at once. You can also add dependencies without actually running a build by first clicking the 'preview build' button on the top-right corner of your build page, then running a "Preview Build". This will not run a build, it will only show you the command that will be run. If you're not sure what all the build options do, this is one way to explore them.

Site Navigation

So that your component is properly listed and will appear on the homepage, downloads, release notes, be sure to edit your parent project's _projectCommon.php file, eg. /cvsroot/org.eclipse/www/modeling/emft/_projectCommon.php.

Be sure you add yourself to these arrays, as appropriate:

$projects = array( ... );
$cvscoms = array( ... );
$nodownloads = array(); //components with no downloads available yet
$nonewsgroup = array(); //components without newsgroup
$nomailinglist = array(); //components without mailinglist
$incubating = array( ... ); // incubating components (everyone starts here)

Previewing / Testing

Updating Build Server

Once your changes are in CVS, contact your build server admin and point him here.