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Modeling Project Releng/Releasing/Update Site Generation/Troubleshooting

Some p2 repo points to missing jars!

So, you're building something based on a p2 repo (Eclipse 3.4+ update site w/ p2 metadata) and are getting errors about missing jars?

!MESSAGE Provisioning exception
org.eclipse.equinox.internal.provisional.p2.core.ProvisionException: Could not connect to
  at org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.updatesite.UpdateSite.parseFeature( 


For some reason, an old build has been removed from the combined update site, but the p2 metadata has not been refreshed. Or, the jar has been deleted but a reference to it remains in the category.xml files from which the site.xml is aggregated. In either case, you need to:


If you're unsure what you're about to do, back up the update site first before working on it.

cp -r /home/data/httpd/ /home/data/httpd/

Next, to see how the command works:

cd /opt/public/modeling/releng-common/tools/scripts

To check for missing jars:

./ /home/data/httpd/

To preview changes that will be done should missing jars be found:

./ -d -p /home/data/httpd/

To actually delete files, clean up site*.xml, and regenerate p2 metadata (each step will require confirmation):

./ -d -E /home/data/httpd/

If building locally on, changes should be more or less immediate. If building remotely (eg., accessing the metadata via or from a mirror), wait at least 30-60 mins for replication to complete.

Finally, and this is very important, make sure you fix permissions on the newly created/edited files and folders, eg:

cd /home/data/httpd/
chgrp *
ls -la

If you get permission denied errors, that's OK, as long as the files in the dir are all set to the correct group and are group-writeable (eg., -rw-rw-r-- or drwxrwxr-x)

I can't see my jars!

I just took a look at my promote log, and it seems everything went OK. However, I can't see my jars promoted to What happened?


  • Check the log -- yes, no obvious problems like "permission denied" or "failed" or "could not".
[java] ERROR [0035] : No suitable provider for component (...) was found in searchPath org.eclipse.emft-search-sc
[java] ERROR [0035] : Rejecting provider site.feature(${downloads}/modeling/emft/updates/interim/site-ganymede.xml): 
   No component match was found

... for these missing features:[0.7.0.v200805020316,0.7.0.v200805020316]#OSGi[0.7.0.v200805020316,0.7.0.v200805020316]#OSGi[0.7.0.v200805020316,0.7.0.v200805020316]#OSGi[0.7.0.v200805020316,0.7.0.v200805020316]#OSGi[0.7.0.v200805020316,0.7.0.v200805020316]#OSGi

If you intend to build from HEAD and have already enabled forceContextQualifier in your buildAll.xml, it looks like the problem is that only ONE feature jar was added. Checking the site.xml, we see that in fact only the examples feature was added.

Why? Because your promoteToEclipse.*.properties file is not using the new signed Master zip as input to the site generation script.

How do I fix this?

ssh "
  cd /var/www/html/modeling/emft/updates/interim; 
  rm -fr emft-search-0.7-I_r0; 
  mv emft-search-0.7-I_r1 emft-search-0.7-I_r0; 
  mv emft-search-0.7-I_r2 emft-search-0.7-I_r1;
ssh "
  cd /home/data/httpd/; 
  rm -fr emft-search-0.7-I_r0; 
  mv emft-search-0.7-I_r1 emft-search-0.7-I_r0; 
  mv emft-search-0.7-I_r2 emft-search-0.7-I_r1;
  • Rerun the last site update:
ssh "
  cd /home/www-data/build/modeling/scripts; 
  ./ -sub search -Q -jarsonly -branch 0.7.0 -buildID I200805020316 -coordsite ganymede
  -> click Cruise Control 
    -> click the "Force Build" icon on the right-hand side of the ganymatic-R3.0-I status line

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