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Modeling Project Releng/Plan/2008-2009

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Eclipse Modeling Project Releng Draft Plan, 2008-2009

Last revised 2008/07/03.

Please send comments about this draft plan to the mailing list or to Nick Boldt.

Below is a list of the work items in the release engineering world of the Modeling Project. It is by no means a complete or exhaustive list - nor necessarily in priority order - but references to backporting should definitely be taken to imply prerequisitive work. See also:

Build Infrastructure


+ [bug 240521] split XSD & SDO from the EMF/SDO/XSD build


+ [bug 240515] provide source builds
+ [bug 240223] Investigate simplifying the number of zips we provide down to a single p2-consumable update site archive
+ [bug 240516] support updating a mapfile on an internal server though the build runs on an external server (MDT-OCL, EMF-QTV, GMF)
+ [bug 238626] IN PROGRESS migrate builds to
+ [bug 238626] incorporate Cruise Control into build system for continuous building in response to CVS changes, scheduling & queuing builds
+ [bug 240517] support tag&release integration in builds, so maps are kept up to date w/o manually tagging & releasing or having to build from HEAD
+ [bug 239307] allow N builds to run from HEAD instead of static mapfiles

+ add support for deleting build &/or kill build processes (web GUI + cron + lockfile)
+ add support for running tests on a different server from where builds are done (eg., emf.toro for EMF Old Tests & CHKPII)

Web Infrastructure

  • IN PROGRESS migrate builds to -- see bug 238626


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