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Modeling Project Releng/Plan/2007-2008

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Eclipse Modeling Project Releng Draft Plan

Last revised 2008/07/02.

Please send comments about this draft plan to the mailing list or to Nick Boldt.

Below is a list of the work items in the release engineering world of the Modeling Project. It is by no means a complete or exhaustive list - nor necessarily in priority order - but references to backporting should definitely be taken to imply prerequisitive work. See also:

Build Infrastructure


  • create new Binary Compatibility Test & create new Source Compatibility Test
  • DONE move stuff in emf-home and into org.eclipe.emf/org.eclipe.emf.releng
  • DONE port 6 EMFT builds (Query, Transaction, Validation; Net4j, CDO, Teneo) into EMF project, including IP log and CQ auditing
  • DONE rebuild emf.toro w/ newer kernel/OS


  • AS IT HAPPENS add support for new builds (as they clear IP review)
  • DONE create .releng project template for EMFT components
  • DONE migrate 3 old EMFT components to use Modeling Build -- bug 197174 and bug 194409


  • DONE migrate GEF build to use modeling infrastructure


  • DONE migrate GMF build to use modeling infrastructure


  • AS IT HAPPENS add support for new builds (as they clear IP review)


  • AS IT HAPPENS add support for new builds (as they clear IP review)
  • DONE support 2 builds (ALT, QVTO)


  • AS IT HAPPENS add support for new builds (as they clear IP review)
  • DONE port 2 builds (JET, JET Editor) from EMFT to MDT-style; merge into one build
  • DONE create web UI for running builds


  • AS IT HAPPENS add support for new builds (as they clear IP review), starting with xText


  • add support for running tests on a different server from where builds are done (eg., emf.toro for EMF Old Tests & CHKPII)
  • add support for deleting/killing builds (web GUI + cron + lockfile)
  • IN PROGRESS migrate builds to -- see bug 238626
  • split XSD build out of EMF build ?
  • DONE add support for GUI testing (GEF, UML2 Tools, Ecore Tools)
  • DONE add support for building Master Feature to enable...
  • DONE add support for packing/signing/conditioning/optimizing/digesting
  • DONE add UI to identify other builds in progress (ie., server load)
  • DONE automated cleanup scripts, to purge old data based on cron jobs w/ customizable rules for expiry; includes: old build folders, old upstream build dependencies, old UM jars & site.xml
  • DONE Updated/new wiki documentation (eg., EMFT_Procedures doc needs revision): see Category:Releng
  • DONE New Update site generator for aggregating multiple components into a single site, with p2 metadata & automatic cleanup

Web Infrastructure



  • DONE migrate Query, Transaction, Validation into EMF website; reorganize homepage to better support components


  • DONE create website, wiki pages (like with MDT)


  • add dashboard view for Search CVS (or updateSearchCVS.php) so that last update time is known (by project/component)
  • DONE list builds in progress on build page to show server load & avoid conflicts
  • DONE download stats collection/query tool (for EMF/MDT/M2T)

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