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Modeling Project Releng/Component Creation

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This is a process workflow for creating a new EMFT component.

In this example, the new EMFT component is EMF JCR Management, or org.eclipse.emf.jcrm. See also bugs 182379 and 182380.


Names in square brackets are assignees. If more than one assignee is listed, the first listed is the principal w/ other(s) as backup.

  • WM = Webmaster(s)
  • PMC = Project Management Chair
  • REL = Release Engineer
  • COMP = Component Owner

Committer Legal Setup

Commiter Account Setup

  • [WM] create dev.eclipse.org userid for COMP; user requires a full shell, not a restricted one
  • [WM] add COMP to groups emf-jcrm, emf-jcrm-releng
  • [WM] add COMP to groups emftadmin (download.eclipse) & emft-home (www.eclipse)
  • [WM] add REL to group emf-jcrm-releng

Component Setup

  • [COMP] provide component description text to PMC & REL for website intro/detail & Bugzilla component description

Bugzilla Setup

  • [COMP] register with Bugzilla to create an account
  • [REL] add new component, with COMP as default assignee

CVS Setup

  • [WM] change group id on /cvsroot/modeling/org.eclipse.emf/org.eclipse.emf.jcrm/ to emf-jcrm
  • [WM] change group id on /cvsroot/modeling/org.eclipse.emf/org.eclipse.emf.jcrm.releng/ to emf-jcrm-releng

Code Contribution

  • [COMP] commit code into /cvsroot/modeling/org.eclipse.emf/org.eclipse.emf.jcrm/ per details in EMFT Procedures. Recommend setting plugins to version 0.7.0 if based on EMF 2.2 or 0.8.0 if based on EMF 2.3

Release Engineering

  • [COMP] contact REL via IM (eg., User:nickb) to begin releng coordination
  • [COMP] provide component compilation requirements to REL>/b>: upstream dependencies (eg., EMF, UML2, OCL...), JDK version (1.4 or 5.0), plugin version (eg., 0.7.0, 0.8.0, 1.0.0?)
  • [<b style="color:orange">REL] set up build server (emft.eclipse.org or build.eclipse.org) for running JCRM builds, including adding component to build infrastructure, granting ssh & firewall access to COMP (if on emft.eclipse.org), and providing .htaccess username/password
  • [REL] set up build server for publishing JCRM builds
  • [COMP] publish first JCRM build to download1.eclipse.org
  • [REL] update website to reflect project has first successful build
  • [REL] update Search CVS (incl. relupdate.php) to ensure component is being logged (release notes, build news)