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Modeling Project Releng/Cheat Sheet

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Running a build by hand

  • See: http://emft.eclipse.org/modeling/$projectName/$subprojectName/build/
  • Be sure to select the correct branch, type, and dependencies. The view will filter to the latest Eclipse 2.5I build; for maintenance builds, click Toggle Selection and change the selected build to the latest M build. (Scheduled builds know whether to use and M or an I based on the "-regex" flag.) See also bug 242126.

Promoting a build by hand

  • See: http://emft.eclipse.org/modeling/$projectName/$subprojectName/build/promo.php
  • DO NOT check the Contribute to ... update site box, as we're not currently updating the Ganymede staging site (as of 2008/07/27).
  • Using the Move Resolved Bugs to Verified? flag will NOT run a build; instead, it will just look for bugs to change for the specified build.

Scheduled builds & promotes

1. SSH to emft.eclipse.org

2. Edit apache's crontab

$ sudo -u apache crontab -e

3. Revise sections related to your project's HEAD and/or maintenance builds. Make sure to set the "-buildType I", "-buildType M" or "-buildType N" flag in the command. (Type N is assumed if flag is absent.)

3a. Invoke start_cron.sh to run builds
3b. Invoke promoteToEclipse_cron.sh to automatically promote builds. Make sure that you allow enough time between start of a build and its scheduled promote. (You can of course just run the build automatically and do the promote by hand.)