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As of December 2008, there's a new tool for packaging up All-In-One bundles. These archives consist of your SDK or ALL zip + Eclipse + all dependencies used to build. If you plan to use this tool, you MUST migrate your build to first, as there is insufficient space on to accommodate this task.

To use this new Ant task, simply add this to your buildAll.xml:

<ant target="packAllInOnes" antfile="${helper}" />

You can control the behaviour of the task with these options:

<property name="allInOnePrefix" value="${projectName}-all-in-one" />
<property name="allInOnePlatforms" value="win32,linux-gtk,macosx-carbon" />
<property name="allInOneInputs" value="${allZip}" />
<property name="allInOneBuildTypes" value="S,R" />

See also this script for more information -- search for "packAllInOnes".