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* Creation
* Creation
:1. [[Modeling_Project_Releng/Component_Creation | Component Creation]]
:1. [[Modeling_Project_Releng/Component_Creation | Component Creation]] -- includes workflow and TODOs by assignee, plus how to maintain [[Modeling_Project_Releng/Website_Maintenance | website content]]

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This document is directed to the Eclipse Modeling Framework Technologies (EMFT) [1] component owners and was created help them to set up and run their builds. It describes the existing procedures that all EMFT components are required to adopt, describing, for example, how the files should be organized, what the build files are, and the Integration and Milestone release process.

Note that many of the tips and tricks described herein apply to EMF, MDT, and M2T builds as well.

Throughout this document are references to releng (Release Engineering) files which need to be configured along the way. When a project is first being created, these steps are normally not started until after all the plugin content is in CVS. Then, and only then, the Releng Module can be created for the new project, and builds can begin.

  • Creation
1. Component Creation -- includes workflow and TODOs by assignee, plus how to maintain website content
  • Setup
2. Releng Module
3. Plugin And Feature Files -- includes structure & layout for your plugin/feature files
4. Building Zips And Jars -- includes Incubation status, 3rd party jars, compiler settings, and build/test troubleshooting
  • Publication
5. Releasing -- schedules, reviews, promoting builds, and generating project meta-information (release notes, RSS feeds, newsgroup announcements)
6. Maintenance -- cleanup tips
7. Branching -- how to branch

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