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* [[Modeling Documentation]]
* [[Modeling Documentation]]
* [ Richard Gronback and Ed Merks demo of the Eclipse Summit 2007]

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Overall Project


Website Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF - including Query, Transaction, & Validation)
Website Eclipse Modeling Framework Technologies (EMFT - incubating such projects as CDO, Net4J, Teneo, Search)
Website Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF)
Website Generative Modeling Technologies (GMT - including AM3, AMW, Epsilon, GEMS, MoDisco, MOFScript, oAW, OMCW, TCS, UMLX, and VIATRA2)
Website Model Development Tools (MDT - including EODM, UML2, OCL, UML2 Tools & XSD)
Website Model to Model (M2M - including ATL, etc.)
Website Model To Text (M2T - including JET, XPand, ...)



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