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Modeling PMC Meeting, 2010-03-16

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Time: 11:00AM Eastern - See it in your time zone

Conference number: North America 1 866-842-3549, Global +800-4444-7070, Ottawa 613-787-5018, Passcode: 1556241

  • International Toll-free number notes
    • Dialing from a cellular network may not work!
    • Passcode is often not recognized. After the third failure, you will be transferred to an operator who will ask for the conference ID (1556241), sponsoring company (IBM) and meeting organizer (Anthony Hunter).
    • Pressing *0 will bring you directly to an operator.

Expected Attendees

  • Ed Merks
  • Sven Efftinge
  • Cedric Brun
  • Kenn Hussey
  • Frédéric Jouault
  • Jean Bezivin * absent
  • Anthony Hunter
  • Artem Tikhomirov
  • Miles Parker
  • Yves Yang * absent


  • GMF restructuring
    • Will go ahead with the proposed restructuring plan to incorporate Graphiti
    • Update Graphiti proposal to reflect the restructuring and to acknowledge that the GMF runtime too has an API, albeit one that leaks the GEF API through
  • Project Moves
    • What is the status of the pending moves? What of other GMT subprojects?
    • Epsilon, MoDisco, and MOFScript
      • GMT will terminate after the parts that are active are moved.
      • Epsilon will move to EMFT
      • MoDisco will move to MDT
      • MOFScript should be moved to M2T; will forward the private discussions to the m2t-dev mailing list.
  • Helios Participation
    • Portal tracker - is it available yet?
    • Do we have an "end game" plan amd/or ramp-down policy in place for Modeling yet?
  • Modeling Builds
    • Do we have momentum for all the modeling projects to move to *Buckminster*.
    • Lets get back to the days where all of modeling is using he same build technology (and we all can help each other).
      • Should all move to *Buckminster*.
  • Modeling Websites
    • All Modeling projects should use the same web structure
    • We need to apply the latest theme (like Xtext has?)
  • Update Sites
    • Do we need individual "roll-up" update sites for projects that are on the release train?
  • Examples Features / Plug-ins
    • Do we need downloadable/updatable examples features and plug-ins anymore if we have an example installer in place?
  • Capabilities
    • Still... we discussed this during a previous meeting, but not sure we've arrived at a consensus.

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