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Modeling PMC Meeting, 2008-12-16

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Time: 10:00AM Eastern

Conference number: North America 1 866-842-3549, Global +800-4444-7070, Ottawa 613-787-5018, Passcode: 1556241

  • International Toll-free number notes
    • Dialing from a cellular network may not work!
    • Passcode is often not recognized. After the third failure, you will be transfered to an operator who will ask for the conference ID (1556241), sponsoring company (IBM) and meeting organizer (Paul Elder).
    • Pressing *0 will bring you directly to an operator.


- Kenn Hussey - Ed Merks - Paul Elder - Cedric Brun - Fredrique


- Richard Gronback


  • Galileo Release - issues?
    • Some folks have documented exceptions.
    • MTL is being renamed to Acceleo
  • OMG interaction - follow up from Kenn
    • Improved visibility of issue resolution at the OMG
    • Improved legal processes at Eclipse for implementing OMG specifications; it should be possible to implement the specification before it's final to flush out bugs.
    • Discussed the above issues with Richard Soley and Mike Milinkovich
  • Extended.Edit proposal (Cedric and Goulwen to attend)
    • A new more explicit scope section was added.
    • Might be some overlap with GMF, but that will be resolved in the future.
  • Xtext: why is there a forum still at oAW? http://www.openarchitectureware.org/forum/index.php?forum=29
    • Defer until next time