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Modeling PMC Meeting, 2007-07-17

Revision as of 10:00, 17 July 2007 by Richard.gronback.borland.com (Talk | contribs) (Added call summary)

Time: 10:00 am Eastern (U.S.)

We're going to try the new Foundation provided Asterisk Conference Calls service for this call.

Conference number: 8979 Passcode: 42110


  • TBD


  • Committer lists: process for removal (ref WTP policy)
  • Ganymede release planning
  • OMG voting via Eclipse membership
  • New proposal for Declarative QVT component


  • Most agreed the basic policy for Committer removal followed by WebTools is appropriate for our use in Modeling. Rich will create a Wiki with the policy for review by the PMC.
  • Ganymede: we’ll at least do as much as we did for Europa, and continue toward common build infrastructure, etc. We may also want to have a Modeling package added to EPP, and do what we can to at least appear more unified/integrated. Rich will update the Modeling plan for Ganymede.
  • Most agreed that there is not likely to be much gained by having the Foundation vote on OMG matters on our behalf, as most contributors to Modeling are members and vote anyway. On the topic of coordinating with the modeldriven.org folks, we’ll look to meet with them at ESE, if not before (Jean might have proposed something else, but it was too hard to hear him).
  • By the time we got to the Declarative QVT component proposal, I believe it was down to just Ed and I on the “call”. Neither of us see any issues with the proposal, consider Compuware to have resigned from the component, and are happy to have it picked up by another team.