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Modeling PMC Meeting, 2007-02-20

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Time: 10:00 am Eastern (U.S.)

Toll Free Dial In Number: (888) 476-6128

Int'l Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number: (517) 267-1462




  • EclipseCon 2007
  • Planning Council Meeting items:
    • We need to create a project ramp down policy (see Platform's)
    • Jar signing for Europa - all projects need to do this
    • EMF statement of support for Java 1.4 vs. Java 5
    • Modeling project policy on use of non-API (inappropriately known as 'internal API')
    • Europa downloads: Tooling vs. SDK (Tooling used in favor of 'runtime')
  • GMT components: plans for becoming full Eclipse? (e.g. oAW)
  • Review and discuss Sandro Böhme's JCR Proposal. Comments by Sandro: As I said, the vision is to offer Eclipse functionality to the JCR community with a model driven approach. Here is a more up to date list of projects I'm currently checking in the order of priority (most important first):
    • EMF integration as a basis for rich client editors for nodes.
    • Integration of a model to model transformation tool (e.g. ATL) for nodes and node types.
    • AMW for weaving node type models to EMF (ecore) models.
    • GMF integration for nodes and node types. It could be used for a node type modeller tool and a DSL that is based on nodes.
    • EMF for object persistence into nodes.
    • In case there is a diff-tool for models it would be useful for nodes and node types.
    • AM3 for a node type repository
    • Integration of a model to text transformation tool (e.g. XPand or Jet) for nodes and node types.
  • EMFT remains as an incubator?
  • Incubator markers on existing projects