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[[Model to Model Transformation (M2M)]]
[[Model to Model Transformation (M2M)]]
* [[M2M/Atlas Transformation Language (ATL)|Atlas Transformation Language (ATL)]]
* [[M2M/Atlas Transformation Language (ATL)|Atlas Transformation Language (ATL)]]
* [[M2M/Operational QVT Language (QVTO)|Operational QVT Language (QVTO)]]
* [[M2M/Operational QVT Language (QVTO)|QVT Operational Mappings Language (QVTO)]]
* [[M2M/Relational QVT Language (QVTR)|Relational QVT Language (QVTR)]]
* [[M2M/QVT Declarative (QVTd)|QVT Core Language (QVTc)]]
* [[M2M/QVT Declarative (QVTd)|QVT Relations Language (QVTr)]]
=== Generative Modeling Technologies ===
=== Generative Modeling Technologies ===

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The Eclipse Modeling Project focuses on the evolution and promotion of model-based development technologies within the Eclipse community by providing a unified set of modeling frameworks, tooling, and standards implementations.


[edit] Documentation

[edit] Abstract Syntax Development

Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)

EMF Query

EMF Transaction

EMF Validation


EMF Compare

EMF Search

Ecore Tools

[edit] Concrete Syntax Development

Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF)


[edit] Model Development Tools


UML2 Tools

Object Constraint Language (OCL)



[edit] Model Transformation

Model to Model Transformation (M2M)

[edit] Generative Modeling Technologies


[edit] Model Integration

Model Driven Development integration (MDDi) FAQ