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The Modeling Amalgamation Project (just amalgam for short) will provide improved packaging, integration, and usability of Modeling project components.


Amalgam will deliver packages designed to target the different user communities of Modeling technology. Initially, a package will be created to form the basis of a Modeling package for Ganymede, and will likely evolve into the package for "Toolsmiths" to use in developing model-centric applications using EMF, GMF, etc. Another package will provide what "Practitioners" will expect to have available for end user tooling, such as UML2 Diagramming. Additionally, some branded packages may become available from Amalgam, such as the set of modeling capabilities from the original openArchitectureWare component, which has subsequently been dispersed across a range of Modeling projects.

The first package offered by Amalgam defines the Modeling Package available from the Eclipse Packaging Project.

Currently, this package includes the following features, although more are expected to be added. Similar to the Eclipse release train itself, Modeling projects and components will need to "opt-in" and satisfy a set of Must Do and Recommended elements.

Opting In

Before becoming part of an Amalgam package offering, projects/components must satisfy these items:

Item Rationale
Branding cleanliness As packages may form the basis of commercial products, they will need to be as "clean" as possible (feature/plug-in names, providers, legal documents, icons, etc.). This is also just good Eclipse citizenship.

Additionally, it is recommended that projects/components satisfy the following items as well:

  • TBD


In order to assess what is required from Amalgam in its mission to improve packaging, integration, and usability, a series of package reviews will be performed. Reviews will lead to the creation of bugs to be assigned to either a Modeling project/component, or to the Amalgam project to improve integration and functionality offered by the package. Below are the list of package milestone reviews completed to date:

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