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Model-to-model transformation is a key aspect of model-driven development (MDD). The M2M project will deliver a framework for model-to-model transformation languages. The core part is the transformation infrastructure. Transformations are executed by transformation engines that are plugged into the infrastructure. There are three transformation engines that are developed in the scope of this project. Each of the three represents a different category, which validates the functionality of the infrastructure from multiple contexts. M2M is a subproject of the top-level Eclipse Modeling Project.

The three languages are:

  • ATL
  • Procedural QVT (Operational Mappings)
  • Declarative QVT (Core and Relations)

Questions and discussions about the M2M projects and/or about its components (e.g., ATL, Procedural QVT) should be directed to the eclipse.modeling.m2m Eclipse newsgroup. There are also archives, as well as a newsportal (i.e., news access from web browser) available for this newsgroup.

In order to keep the discussions understandable, the subject of every post should be prefixed with the name of the component it is targeting:

  • [ATL] for the ATL component.
  • [QVTOM] for the Procedural QVT component (i.e., Operational Mappings).
  • [QVTR] for the Declarative QVT component (i.e., Relations).
  • or [M2M] if the overall project is targeted.

The last rule is to make sure that erroneously unprefixed messages are not misinterpreted as targeting the overall project.

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