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= Planning =
= Planning =
* [ MDT 1.1 Project Plan]
* MDT 1.1 '''[[MDT 1.1 New and Noteworthy|New and Noteworthy]]''' features by milestone
For previous releases:
* [ MDT 1.0 Project Plan]
* [ MDT 1.0 Project Plan]

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The Model Development Tools (MDT) project focuses on big "M" modeling within the Modeling project. Its purpose is twofold:

  • To provide an implementation of industry standard metamodels.
  • To provide exemplary tools for developing models based on those metamodels.

The first release of MDT is tentatively scheduled for the end of June, 2007. See New & Noteworthy for updates.


For an up to date list of components, see:


For previous releases:

Documentation & Assistance

Newsgroups / Mailing Lists

Have a question? Try the FAQ for your individual component. If that doesn't help, chances are your question has been answered in the newsgroup.

Builds & Server Configuration

See Category:EMFT or Category:Releng.


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