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MoScript/Use Cases/Megamodel Population Part 2

Megamodel Population Part 2

Continuing with the use case Megamodel Population Part 1, this use cases shows how to programmatically populate the megamodel with models, metamodels and transformations. For this purpose we are going to populate it with the content of an ATL project that can be found in the ATL Transformations Zoo

Environment Preparation
  • Download the Families to Persons source code from here
  • Unzip the project and import it into eclipse copying the fiels into the workspace
Registering artifacts

program megamodelPopulation

using {

 ecore : !MetaMetamodel = OclUndefined
 familiesMetamodel : !Metamodel = OclUndefined
 personsMetamodel : !Metamodel = OclUndefined