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MoDisco/Version Numbering

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Version numbering of components in MoDisco platform.

Initial contribution

Depending on state of your component, version numbering will start at 0.1.0 or at 0.6.0.

The requirements to start at 0.6.0 are explained in following section, if your component doesn't match these requirements, version numbering of your component will start at 0.1.0.

* Your component has been developped at least one year before its submission in bugzilla.
* Your component has been developped less than one year before its submission in bugzilla, but it has been widely used and tested in various environments.


Main guidelines of MoDisco components are explained in eclipse rules.

However, MoDisco is an incubation project, and one of incubation phase constraint is that version number of component shall be less than 1.0.0.

And during incubation phase, to differentiate internal states of MoDisco components, we encourage to use this convention:

* version number less than 0.6.0 are considered as initial contribution, or component in specification phase or partially implemented.
* version number equals or more than 0.6.0 and less than 1.0.0 are consireded as reaching completion.

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