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The goal of SimpleTransformationsChain plugin aims at gathering the infrastructure and technologies plugins and at providing orchestration of these plugins. These additional facilities reuse the features offered by the other plugins in order to allow performing more elaborate operations such as directly generating a UML model from a Java project.


After discovery of your application, you will obtain a UML model. This model could be imported in some usual modelers like Papyrus or UML2 Tools from Modeling project.

Contextual menu

The SimpleTransformationsChain plugin offers simple Eclipse contextual actions to dynamically launch the additionally provided features.

You can launch the “Discover UML model from Java project” action from a Java project by right-clicking on the corresponding Java project (into your workspace) and then selecting the appropriate action in the provided contextual menu.

Launch configuration

The SimpleTransformationsChain plugin is conform to Discoverer extension point, so in launch configurations, you are able to create a discoverer launcher dedicated to a project.

Java API

To use programmatically the SimpleTransformationsChain plugin, you will have to instantiate the class ModelplexKnowledgeDiscoveryFramework and use one of its methods.


Eclipse Galileo with modeling plugins:

  • EMF
  • EMF UML2
  • UML2 Tools
  • ATL 3.0.0

A complete bundle of Modeling components could be found at this url :

Warning : after installation, you will have to change your eclipse settings (file eclipse.ini) to increase memory size allowed to 1Go at least, parameter « -Xmx1024m ».

Example :



Gabriel Barbier (Mia-Software)


To install this plugin, you will have to retrieve it and its dependencies from MoDisco SVN. All following bundles are available in folder "plugins/trunk":

  • org.eclipse.gmt.modisco.modelplex
  • org.eclipse.gmt.modisco.kdm.uml2converter
  • org.eclipse.gmt.modisco.j2se5
  • org.eclipse.gmt.modisco.j2se5.discoverer
  • org.eclipse.gmt.modisco.kdm
  • org.eclipse.gmt.modisco.common.core

User manual

Current limitations

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