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MoDisco/New And Noteworthy

MoDisco 0.8 (Helios version)


Model Browser

The new version provides :

  • A new look&feel
  • The possibility to dynamically customize how the model elements are displayed (label, color, icon, police, ...)
  • The support of the Facet extension mechanism (the virtual types, attributes and relations are visible within the browser).
  • The possibility to execute queries against model elements

See Model Browser 0.8 New & Noteworthy

Discovery Manager

See Discovery Manager 0.8 New & Noteworthy

Discovery Workflow

See Discovery Workflow 0.8 New & Noteworthy

Query Manager (new)

This new component provides a facade to evaluate queries against a model independently from the query mechanism. Implementations are provided to call queries written in Java, EMFQuery, OCL and XPath.

See Query Manager 0.8 Documentation

Facet Manager (new)

This new component provides a mechanism to dynamically extend model elements by adding "virtual" attributes and relations computed by queries.

See Facet Manager 0.8 Documentation



This new version provides :

  • A generator to regenerate source code from the EMF model. 
  • A field "filter" in the Discoverer's wizard to exclude packages from the source code analysis

See Java 0.8 New & Noteworthy

XML (new)

This new component provides a ECore definition of XML files and a discoverer to create corresponding EMF models from existing XML files.

See XML 0.8 Documentation

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