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Here is a list of metamodels provided by the MoDisco project :

Technologies layer

These metamodels are specific to a technology :

  • J2SE5 : describes the Java language (from JDK5 specification) as a graph.
  • JavaAST : describes the Java language (from the Eclipse JDT implementation) as a tree.
  • CSharp : describes the C# language as defined in version 2.0 of "C# Language Specification" from Microsoft Corporation.

Infrastructure layer

These metamodels are independent from a technology :

  • KDM : implementation of the OMG/ADM Knowledge Discovery Metamodel.
  • SMM : implementation of the OMG/ADM Software Metrics Metamodel.
  • RelationalDBSchema : describes the schema of a relational database (tables and columns).
  • RelationalDBContent : describes the content of a relational database (tuples).