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The goal of Java Generation plugin is to allow Java code generation from a Java model. Such a generation will fullfill some of the requirements for Legacy refactoring & migration.


This plugin proposes Acceleo MTL modules for generating Java files conforming to Java models. Templates are contained in two modules :

  • Structures modules : top level templates for generating classes/method/field declarations
  • Statements modules

Java models are obtained with Java Discoverer component.

Considering a Java legacy, a minimal migration/refactoring chain will involve :

  • A Java model discovery step
  • A m2m transformation step
  • A Java generation code step with the current component


To use the plug-in you need:

  • JDK 1.5 or above
  • a version of Eclipse 3.5 or above with the following set of plugins installed


Fabien Giquel (Mia-Software)

Source Repository

All of the source code is stored in a public source repository, which you can access at:

User manual

A prerequisite is a Java model. Please refer to Java Discoverer user manual.

To launch Java generation :

  • Create a Accelo launch configuration pointing to Generate_JavaStructures java class, and specify the input model and target folder (require a checkout or import of the into the workspace).


  • Add in your plugin dependencies and use the Generate_JavaStructures main method with input model and target folder as parameters.

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