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MoDisco is implemented as a set of plug-ins which have to installed into an already installed.

With Modeling Package

The Modeling Package (one of the Eclipse pre-packaged distributions) offers a direct access to install MoDisco.


Follow the step-by-step instructions.

Using Eclipse Release Update Site (Recommended)

To install the latest MoDisco release, just point your Install Manager to the default eclipse predefined update site: For instance:

Then, you can select "Modeling" category and "MoDisco SDK" feature.

Using MoDisco Update Site to get an alternative version

To install an alternative MoDisco release, just point your Install Manager to one of the following sites:

To get more details about the MoDisco update site, and getting the latest components still in progress, please visit the following page: MoDisco/Updates.

Components Infrastructure: KDM · SMM · GASTM · Model Browser · Discovery Manager · MoDisco Workflow · Query Manager · Facet Manager · Metrics Visualization Builder · KDM Source Extension
Technologies: Java · JEE · EjbJar · WebApp · XML
Use Cases: Simple Transformation Chain · Model Filter
Help Installation · SVN
Project API Policy · Retention Policy · Project Plan · metrics · Accessibility Guidelines · Capabilities Disablement

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