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(update 0.9 depencies)
(update 0.9 depencies)
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=== 0.9.x (draft) ===
=== 0.9.x (draft) ===
*Java 5 (or higher) version of the Java virtual machine
*[ Eclipse "Indigo" 3.7]
*[ Eclipse "Indigo" 3.7]
*[ EMF 2.7]  
*[ EMF 2.7]  

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With Modeling Package

The Modeling Package (one of the Eclipse pre-packaged distributions) offers a direct access to install MoDisco.


Follow the step-by-step instructions.

Using Eclipse Release Update Site (Recommended)

To install the latest MoDisco release, just point your Install Manager to the following site:

Using MoDisco Update Site to get an alternative version

To install the latest MoDisco release, just point your Install Manager to one of the following sites:

To get more details about the MoDisco update site, and getting the latest components still in progress, please visit the following page: MoDisco/Updates.

Downloading zips

Latest release: MoDisco 0.9.0

To install a zip version of MoDisco, use the Install Manager:

  • click "Help > Install New Software"
  • click Add...
  • select "Archive..."
  • choose the zip file you have previously downloaded

It is also possible to download zips for other versions of MoDisco from the downloads page:

Required Configuration

If you want to download and install MoDisco manually (without using the update manager), the following projects must already be installed inside your Eclipse:

0.9.x (draft)



Components Infrastructure: KDM · SMM · GASTM · Model Browser · Discovery Manager · MoDisco Workflow · Query Manager · Facet Manager · Metrics Visualization Builder · KDM Source Extension
Technologies: Java · JEE · EjbJar · WebApp · XML
Use Cases: Simple Transformation Chain · Model Filter
Help Installation · SVN
Project API Policy · Retention Policy · Project Plan · metrics · Accessibility Guidelines · Capabilities Disablement

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