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This page provides the required docuware for the MoDisco v0.9.0 Release Review, as part of the upcoming Indigo Simultaneous Release.


MoDisco stands for Model Discovery.
It provides a generic and extensible MDE framework to support different reverse engineering scenarios such as modernization, quality assurance, retro-documentation, architecture improvement, etc.
Thus, the focus of MoDisco is on Model Driven Reverse Engineering.
It is an Eclipse Model Development Tools (MDT) project, inside the Eclipse Modeling Project (EMP).


New in this release

For the second time, MoDisco is part of an Eclipse Simultaneous Release. The different features provided by MoDisco v0.9.0, as part of Indigo, are of two categories.


  • Item 1;
  • Item 2;
  • Item 3.


  • Item 1
    • Sub-item1;
    • Sub-item2;
    • Sub-item3.
  • Item 2
    • Sub-item1;
    • Sub-item2;
    • Sub-item3.

Accordance with project plan themes and priorities

  • Theme 1.
  • Theme 2.
  • Theme 3.
  • Theme 4.


Non-Code Aspects

The complete MoDisco documentation is available from the MoDisco Wiki page:

  • General documentation on the various components;
  • Version specific information;
  • Additional information on available use cases, as well as incubation and deprecated components.

The Help plugins are automatically generated from the content of the Wiki.
The MoDisco website provides a direct access to all the related resources.


As this is the first time MoDisco is part of an Eclipse Simultaneous Release, there are no API related issues. TO BE CHECKED...


The MoDisco architecture is detailed from

Testing & Packaging

MoDisco uses the Modeling Project Releng system to build and promote versions.
Each new build is tested at least with Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo).
Core plugins are provided with dedicated test plugins checking their valid behavior.
MoDisco is integrated into the Indigo Release Train since the beginning.
It is also part of the Amalgamation Modeling Package for Indigo.

Tool Usability

MoDisco is used for building Model Driven Reverse Engineering solutions to different scenarios such as:

  • Legacy Modernization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Retro-documentation
  • Architecture Improvement
  • Etc


No components from the MoDisco previous release builds (0.8.0) have been deprecated. TO BE UPDATED...


  • Bugzilla (v0.9.0 only, snapshot taken on the 20th of May 2011):

SNAPSHOT TO BE UPDATED... MoDisco HeliosReview BugReport.PNG


The MoDisco project is working in close collaboration with the OMG Architecture Driven Modernization (ADM) Task Force, which results in the EMF implementation of the Abstract Syntax Tree Metamodel (ASTM), Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (KDM) and Software Metrics Metamodel (SMM) specifications.

UI Usability

MDT MoDisco is conforming to the user interface guidelines.


MDT MoDisco is a "+3" project in the simultaneous release

M1	08/18/2010
M2	09/29/2010
M3	11/10/2010
M4	12/15/2010
M5	02/02/2011	
M6	03/16/2011	API freeze
M7	05/04/2011	Feature Freeze
RC1	05/18/2011	
RC2	05/25/2011	
RC3	06/01/2011	
RC4	06/08/2011		
Indigo	06/09/2011	


Committer Changes

Gregoire Dupe (Mia-Software) replaced Frederic Madiot as co-leader of the project. Frederic Madiot has moved from Mia-Software to Obeo. Gabriel Barbier has moved from Mia-Software to Thales.

IP Issues

The Eclipse IP Process has been strictly followed and all plugins contain the appropriate about.html and license files.
The MoDisco IP Log is available from

  • Some third-party libraries are used (cf. corresponding validated CQs)

All MoDisco content is released under EPL.

Project Plan

The current project plan is available from
Next MoDisco version (v1.0.0) is planned to include:

  • Item 1;
  • Item 2;
  • Item 3.

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