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This page provides the required information for the MoDisco v0.8.0 Release Review, as part of the upcoming Helios Simultaneous Release.


MoDisco stands for Model Discovery.
It provides a generic and extensible MDE framework to support different reverse engineering scenarios such as modernization, quality assurance, retro-documentation, improvement, etc.
Thus, the focus of MoDisco is on Model Driven Reverse Engineering.
It is an Eclipse Model Development Tools (MDT) project, inside the Eclipse Modeling Project (EMP).
MoDisco was formerly part of the Generative Modeling Technologies (GMT) project, and has successfully undergone a Move Review on the 27th of April 2010: the corresponding docuware can be found from the Eclipse past reviews page


The different features provided by MoDisco v0.8.0, as part of Helios, are of two categories.


  • The EMF reference implementation of Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (KDM, an OMG/ADM standard), corresponding discoverers and a transformation to UML2;
  • The EMF reference implementation of Software Metrics Metamodel (SMM, an OMG/ADM standard;
  • The customizable Model Browser for more efficiently navigating large and complex models discovered from legacy systems;
  • The Discovery Manager for fastest integration of new or existing discoverers;
  • The Discovery Workflow for more easily building discovery chains (including discoverers and transformations);
  • The Query Manager for allowing language-independent querying on models of legacy systems;
  • The Facet Manager for dynamically extending the metamodels used at different steps of the processes;
  • The Metrics Visualization Builder for automatically generating HTML, SVG or Excel representations of metrics stored in a model.


  • Java
    • The EMF implementation of the metamodel for the full Java language;
    • The corresponding Model Browser specific customization;
    • The complete discoverer for automatically creating Java models from Java source code;
    • The complete generator for automatically creating Java source code from Java models;
    • The transformation from Java models to KDM models.
  • XML
    • The EMF implementation of the metamodel for XML (W3C);
    • The corresponding Model Browser specific customization;
    • The complete discoverer for automatically creating XML models from XML documents/files.

Non-Code Aspects

Testing & Packaging


Community & Support

IP Issues

The Eclipse IP Process has been strictly followed and all plugins contain the appropriate about.html and license files.
The MoDisco IP Log is available from

  • Some third-party libraries are used (cf. corresponding validated CQs)

All MoDisco content is released under EPL or compatible.

Project Plan


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