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MoDisco/Components/ModelBrowser/New And Noteworthy

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0.8 M7

Extracted core functionality from the browser, so that it can be reused in other plug-ins (see UI Core). This makes it possible to embed model browsing functionality in any view. For example, plug-in infra.browser.uicore.examples.cnf demonstrates how to integrate the model browser in the Project Explorer (using the Common Navigator Framework) :


0.8 M6

  • Editing support:
    • Create new children elements
    • Delete a model element (with all its references)
    • Cut/Copy/Paste
    • Undo/Redo
    • Edit attributes through the Properties view
    • Save and Save As
  • Performance improvements
  • For each metamodel, memorize and restore chosen customizations and facets when the browser is opened
  • Support for contributions to the browser's context menu
  • Option to show the EMF URI of each model element
  • The browser is now automatically refreshed when one of its resources is externally modified

0.8 M5

  • New option to display a unique ID on each model element ( MoDiscoBrowser Element id.gif ). This makes it easier to know whether two elements in the tree are equal.
  • Removed the dialog that asked for the loading depth each time the browser was opened; replaced it by a preference in a new preference page.

0.8 M4


The browser is now extensively customizable through the use of uiCustom files:

Customization example.png

These customizations can be easily created using a dedicated editor:

New options

  • Sort links by type (MoDisco ModelBrowser SortLinksByType.png)
  • Show Ordering (MoDisco ModelBrowser ShowOrdering.png):

MoDisco ModelBrowser Ordering.png


The browser components are now fully internationalization ready.

New Look

Eclipse Forms look:

MoDisco ModelBrowser FormsLook.png

Less often used options are moved to a sub-menu in each toolbar so as to avoid cluttering the UI.

Linked resources

  • The browser now allows displaying linked resources

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