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= JAva Composition Metamodel =
= Java Composition Metamodel =
[[Image:JavaApplicationMetaModel.png|frame|center|JavaApplication MetaModel]]
[[Image:JavaApplicationMetaModel.png|frame|center|JavaApplication MetaModel]]

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DEPRECATED use Template:MoDiscoTabs and Template:MoDiscoTab as explain here : Wiki Template for MoDisco

Java Composition Metamodel

JavaApplication MetaModel


Java Composition Model, weaving KDM Model Source and Java Model, can easily become a big model, in terms of XMI size as well as number of model elements.

First implementation resulted in a single XMI file containing all the weaving elements between both models.

Second implementation results in a root XMI file, referencing other xmi fragment

Splitting was done following this repartition :

  • First resource contains the JavaApplication itself
  • Second resource contains all Java2Directory
  • One resource per package/directory

This splitting enable the browser to perform lazy loading when browsing a composite model in the MoDisco Model Browser

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