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Eclipse JDT Warnings Level

For code style verification, it is recommended to configure Eclipse jdt settings for errors/warning levels : all rules levels set as "ignored" should be set as "warning".

Some rules might create too many constraints in some java circumstances. The developer is allowed to disactivate the rules in specific areas :

- with projects specific errors/warning levels.

- with @SuppressWarnings, in adding some explanation to the deviation.

Checkstyle Usage

For code style verification, a checkstyle configuration file is directly available from the MoDisco SVN:

To use this file, you first need to download the Checkstyle plug-in.

Note that Checkstyle is not an tool. However, its source code is under the EPL, and its current use has been formally IP-validated for the MoDisco project:

Also note that Checkstyle is not intended to be distributed with MoDisco.

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