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Milestone 1.0M8

Milestone 0.8: Apr 15


  • Revert all Higgins interfaces back to Java 1.4
  • We'll have all components necessary to demonstrate functional equivalence with Microsoft CardSpace(TM) client. Implications:
    • Begin testing interoperability with RPs and IdPs that work with CardSpace
    • (We have already demonstrated the ability to create a IdP/STS that works with CardSpace)
  • Start work on ISS Client UI
  • Work thru legal issues so that we may commit code (abhi)


  • HBX Startup Maxim and Andy Dale
  • Add the ability to handle CardSpace requests to the Zurich HBX 176037 abhi
  • Add proper handling of SOAP fault messages to UI code 176038 abhi
  • Handle Memory and Garbage Collection issues for generated-UI structures 176039 abhi


  • Handle parsing and matching of CardSpace policies 176033 abhi
  • Improvements to error handling for bad policies 176034 abhi
  • Deployability on machines other than those around Zurich 176035 abhi


I-Card Manager

RPPS Web Service

  • Getting the RP Protocol Support Service running on a Tomcat AS. 170082 SergeiY

RPPS Zurich

  • Handle generation of SOAP faults with good messages on errors 176041 abhi
  • Make RPPS easily deployable for other clients 176035 abhi
  • The RPPS we have built sends SOAP messages. We have written a wsdl file to describe the messages. However, it uses an ad-hoc method for parsing and handling the messages because I found the Eclipse tools for building web services from wsdl to be buggy and frustrating to debug. Thus, improving the robustness of our rpps by using more standard ws tools might be a goal.

I-Card Registry

I-Card Providers


  • IdAS Registry refactoring 175630 163366
  • Refactor update operations 167978
    • Add methods for creating attribute values 163428
    • Make create*() methods consistent 163429
    • Go through each operation and document what atomicity means for each 171290
  • Invent string format for IFilter 171328
  • Change to use JAAS-like callback; get rid of 'getOpenPolicy' (subsumed by callback handlers and interactions) 164048
  • De-evolve IdAS interfaces to Java 1.4 171293

IdAS Context providers

  • Jena-based provider (uses HSQLDB) [80% done] [waiting on IPzilla] 152856 SergeyL


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