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How to activate security with M3DA protocol?

Firstly, you need to compile a module which is not compiled by default. After you, you must do this command:

$ make all agent_provisioning

Note: Here the following list you can define for encryption and authentication:

* AUTHENTICATION_TYPE = hmac-md5    or  hmac-sha1   or none  (if you select none for authentication, you must select none for encryption)
* ENCRYPTION_TYPE     = aes-cbc-128   or    aes-cbc-256   or   aes-ctr-128   or   aes-ctr-256   or   none

1. Choose the authentication algorithm :

agent.config.server.authentication ='hmac-sha1'

2. Choose the encryption algorithm :

agent.config.server.encryption ='aes-cbc-128'

3. Generate the keys by using Registration password (shareKey) (=> Compute and store the keys)

require 'agent.provisioning'.registration_password 'xxxx'       (needs "make all agent_provisioning" to be executed before)

Usefull commands

If you want to remove the authentication: > agent.config.server.authentication = nil

To remove the encryption: > agent.config.server.encryption = nil

To change the password : > require 'agent.provisioning'.password ='xxxx' (needs "make all agent_provisioning" to be executed before)

To remove the password : Keys are stored in : /readyagent/build.default/runtime/crypto Remove the file : crypto.key

Create a connection: > airvantage=require "airvantage" > airvantage.connecttoserver()

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