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Mihini/Project Plan/0.8

Draft Content
This page is currently under construction. Community members are encouraged to maintain the page, and make sure the information is accurate.


Rather than a project plan, this page is, at the moment, a place to collect ideas about potential new features. This will be turned into an actual project plan for the milestones to come once the team will have agreed on the list.

This release will have 6 sprints (15 days each).


  • Eclipse process compatibility:
    • Project plan
    • Wiki organization
    • Mihini Presentation (bug 403337)
    • Mihini developer get starting (bug 403336)
    • Mihini developer Guide
    • Mihini archi & spec
    • Team organization (bug 403335)
    • Support (bug 403338)
  • Doc:
    • Mihini user guide (bug 403298, ...)
    • Mihini porting guide
    • Samples & tutorials
    • ...

I/O and HW interactions

Build / Continuous Integration

  • Perform continuous integration of the Mihini platform, inc. execution of test campagins
  • Automate generation Mihini execution environment file
  • Automate the generation of SD card images for RaspberryPi and BeagleBoard (may prove difficult in terms of licensing?)
  • Investigate LLVM



  • Investigate if it'd be possible to have a Mihini lite engine implemented in pure Lua and/or Java that could be hosted in the IDE thus allowing really fast prototyping (provided no access to system libraries etc. is done in the user code)
  • Run Mihini on an Open Hardware platform
  • Provide a developer kit to get started with Mihini very quick