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= Project Plan  =
= Project Plan  =
*0.9: You can find more details on the [[Mihini/Project Plan/0.8|Project Plan discussions for 0.8]]
*0.8: [[Mihini/Project Plan/0.8|Project Plan discussions for 0.8]]
*0.9: You can find more details on the [[Mihini/Project Plan/0.9|Project Plan discussions for 0.9]]
= Release plan  =
= Release plan  =

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Please send comments about this plan to the mihini-dev@eclipse.org developer mailing list.

This document lays out the feature and API set for the feature releases of Mihini.

Project Plan

Release plan

Tentative Release plan

Mihini has a stable release every 6 month.

Every major release is maintained for 9 months:

  • SR1 is "stable"+3 months,
  • SR2 is "stable"+6 months,
  • SR3 is "stable"+9 months.

Milestones allow to commit on delivering most priority features and bug fixes first, and move towards stabilization when reaching Release Candidates.

Release calendar

Tentative calendar

0.8 0.9 0.10 1.0
M1 05-Jul-2013 23-Aug-13 21-Feb-14
M2 *skipped* 4-Oct-13 4-Apr-14
RC1 02-Aug-2013 15-Nov-13 6-May-14
final 11-Feb-13 09-Aug-2013 6-Dec-13 6-Jun-14
Maintenance releases
SR1 15-Apr-13 30-Aug-13 TBD TBD
SR2 10-Jun-13 29-Nov-13 TBD TBD
SR3 28-Feb-14 TBD TBD